QicScript Plus

Pharmacy Dispensing Software


Activity Summary Homepage

A unique activity summary page allows staff to instantly view and manage outstanding tasks and activities, providing greater efficiency and organization. This new outlook configures all of your key information into one, easily accessible format, providing you with immediate access to:

  • appointments scheduled
  • recent patients
  • repeat patients due
  • phased patient due
  • orders due to check-in
  • to do list reminders.

In addition to viewing your recent or due patients, by simply clicking on the patient file or SMS symbol within the patient name, you can immediately either view the patient file or send a text message, further saving you time.

Work-flow Manager

Unique to QicScript Plus, the new Work-flow Manager is an innovative feature which has been designed to optimise your time, increase efficiency and improve stock control. The workflow manager contains two outlooks – New Rx Notifications, containing all of your e-notifications and Rx Management. The Rx Management outlook displays of all of your prescriptions, phased, repeat, loans and owings, in a chronological work-queue.

Smarter ordering and stock control management

QicScript Plus includes a wide range of sophisticated stock management enhancements designed to improve your margins and increase efficiency. Multiple ordering methods and conditions, increased flexibility and comprehensive recording provide you with better stock control with increased automation of traditionally manual tasks.

Electronic Document Scanning

QicScript Plus provides improved ‘Electronic Document Scanning’ functionality. This functionality enables you to become paperless, saves time when you need to retrieve a document and increases efficiency. QicScript Plus enables you to:

  • scan a document and store against a patient
  • scan a document and store against a script
  • retrieve and review scanned documents
  • print scanned documents
  • paper-clip symbol to highlight scans
  • reconcile daily audit reports against prescription scans.

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