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Clanwillaim Health Products

I currently am using Consultant Professional Services. This has been a very good decision on my behalf. There has been a significant improvement in the amount of time I spend on processing my claims and invoices – this is now all done electronically. I deal with one person on site who is extremely helpful – all my claims are dealt with very rapidly now. As a result, I have been receiving payments much quicker – this occurs at a very reasonable fee. I would have no hesitation in strongly recommending the service to any of my colleagues.

Dr Barry O’Shea

MB, MRCPI, Consultant Rheumatlogogist, St. James’ Hospital

Clanwillaim Health Products

I love the antenatal protocol in HPM, it’s so easy and so fast. In our previous system, this section was long and tedious; there were even three pages devoted to it in their manual. The HPM antenatal package is intuitive and needs no formal guide. I would definitely recommend HPM to other practices; the system is easy-to-use, quick to upload and good for alerts, like highlighting cash outstanding on accounts.

Dr Grace Doyle

Renmore Park Surgery

Clanwillaim Health Products

Helix Practice Manager is a very easy to use practice management system. That must be why it’s the fastest-growing solution for GPs. We have a big practice here and everyone can use it - I’d recommend it, no question…

Veronica Quadu

Mercer's Medical Centre

Clanwilliam Health Products Review

Every hospital in Ireland is facing challenges in the management of decreased budgets. Through the simple implementation of Claimsure we have increased our revenue which has had and continues to have a direct impact on essential services. It is our patients who ultimately benefit from us using Claimsure. In addition to the financial benefits, Claimsure has brought huge administration benefits to the hospital, consultants and administration staff, saving both time and money, allowing more time on patient care. The rollout of Claimsure in Tallaght hospital was delivered on time and with minimal disruption and change management to hospital processes.

Dermot Carter

Director of Finance, Tallaght Hospital

Clanwilliam Health Products Review

Claimsure has enhanced both hospital and corporate reporting, increased efficiencies in claims handling, query management and e-submission at hospital level.

Sean Redmond


Clanwilliam Health Products Review

I have been using Smart Epos in all branches of Phelans since 2012. It integrates seamlessly with our credit card terminals give us all the information we need and is the best ePOS system we could identify.

Conor Phelan

Phelans Pharmacy

Clanwilliam Health Products Review

We've found Smart ePOS fantastic. Beautiful layout and very user-friendly interface. The reporting functions are very easy to use and accessible. Its simplicity is a big plus with staff and any new starters.

Barry Broderick

Brodericks Pharmacy Cork

Clanwillaim Health Products

Old and new staff alike find HPM easy to use and everyone has great confidence in the system that in short does everything we need and lots more!

Dr Suzanne Milligan

Milligan Family Practice

Clanwillaim Health Products

I have been using HPM for years and have seen it develop a lot over this period. One feature I particularly like is the drug module which is very comprehensive and easy to use. The support from the Helix Health has been great as well. The team listen to what we have to say and really take things on board, subsequently new items are constantly being introduced into the system.

Dr. Joe Gallagher

Bective Square Family Practice

Clanwillaim Health Products

The Multi tabs function in the system is like having one and a half computers. Sometimes I find myself asking my colleagues not to exit out of my patient (record) as force of habit when actually it has been a long time since the pharmacists in our shop have had to take turns dispensing. Now multiple actions and records can be open simultaneously.

David Lohan

Lohan's Pharmacy

Clanwilliam Health Products Review

We have been using Helix GP Software Systems for many years now and in particular HPM for over 3 years and can safely say that all aspects of our practice are greatly improved with this software. HPM is constantly developing and improving to meet the needs of modern primary care in Ireland. In addition the sales, installation and support staff are very professional and pleasure to deal with.

Glen Hassard

Milligan Family Practice

Clanwilliam Health Products Review

I am very pleased with HPM and would regard it as having big improvements on my previous system. My previous system was lacking a lot in regards to security and audit tracking but HPM has a range of features that give better security for my practice. I also use the system at home after hours and in the morning I am able to synchronise this back to the main system in the office, which is great.

Dr. Damien Doyle

Carnew Health Centre

Clanwilliam Health Products Review

There are many features that are already helping us improve the way we serve our customers and on an almost daily basis we are discovering more...The Workflow Manager is a God Send!

John Berney

Berney's Pharmacy

Clanwilliam Health Products Review

Managing the changeover was very easy because the training was excellent and the system is so intuitive. I'd definitely recommend QicScript Plus to a colleague.

Cathrine Dwan

Midtown Pharmacy

Clanwillaim Health Products

QicScript Plus is a user friendly system. The feature I really like is that you can open more than one tab at a time which means if you are dispensing to one patient, you can leave the file and open up new patients on multiple tabs. The MDS dispensing is also very efficient and has saved us a lot of time on nursing home dispensing.

Sinead Higgins

Askea Pharmacy

Clanwillaim Health Products

I was the first person to use in Ireland in 1990 and today, I am still using the programme. I am completely paper less and I am delighted with the evolution of My practice could not function without the programme. I highly recommend to anyone who is starting out in practice or who has not yet moved to computer records. A delight to use, powerful features and a terrific and supportive User Group.

Dr Garrett Hayes

Lucan Court Medical Centre

Clanwillaim Health Products

This is the longest established system on the market. There are literally hundreds of doctors in the usergroup and they help to keep refining and updating Health one which gives it unique support in Ireland

Dr. Eamonn R. Shanahan

The Farranfore Medical Centre

Clanwilliam Health Products Review

I have been using Health One over the past 12 years in three consecutive GP practices. It has always met my needs and I have enjoyed seeing the application develop consistently over that time

Dr. Neasa McDonagh

Ballymun Civic Centre

Clanwilliam Health Products Review

I would be in contact with customer support regarding health one fortnightly. I am impressed with the knowledge, skills and friendliness of the support team. Whenever somebody asks me about different primary care IT software (having used all of them in the years of doing Locum work) I always respond with a resounding: go for HEALTH one.

Dr. Matt Dahm

Emmet Square Surgery

Clanwilliam Health Products Review

I have worked with DGL Practice Manager for the last 17 years and was privileged to be one of the first user trial sites. I have run many private practices at different hospitals over the course of the 17 years and my job has been simplified enormously by the sophistication of the software. Needless to say the software has developed enormously over the last 17 years and now provides an unparalleled essential for running varied consultant practices.

Liz Edwards LLB

Nuffield Hospital Cambridge

Clanwilliam Health Products Review

RxWeb is by far the quickest system on the market. The speed at which I can download and dispense an EPS2 prescription is incredible. I love the fact that I can access all patient records from any location and I am not worried about expensive PC maintenance contracts. If a PC breaks I throw it away and you never lose any information. It takes a few minutes to get a new PC going again with RxWeb. Love It!

Jonathan McGill

McGills Pharmacy

Clanwillaim Health Products

We first started looking at RxWeb because it was a much cheaper IT solution than our incumbent provider. Because of this, I fully expected it to be at the “clunkier” end of the range of systems. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to find it easy to use; with some really nice features. We use an IT firm (Gardner Systems) for our hardware and connectivity requirements so we are really happy with the “software only” package which suits us perfectly. Anyone who ventures into IT will know that it is not always going to be “plain sailing”. It has been Helix’s response to the tackling issues that has been particularly impressive over the last couple of years. Helix are also keen to listen to us and their product development has certainly been focussed on meeting customer’s needs. The mind-set of our previous provider was; this is our system and we will tell you what you need. Anyone feeling like this will find RxWeb a breath of fresh air.

Paul Murphy

Vittoria Group

Clanwilliam Health Products Review

We have been using DGL Practice Manager since 2009, previously working on spreadsheets and excel. At the time we looked at other systems on the market but none of them compared to DGL Practice Manager. We felt that they were all very generic whereas DGL Practice Manager suited our specific needs. Now, having a central location for all our patient records and associated paperwork makes our jobs 100 times easier. The flexibility within the reporting section within DGL Practice Manager is also fantastic, if a report isn’t already in the system - it can be built, no problem. The service we’ve received has been consistently excellent and the system adapts to our changing needs. Over the years we have asked for a number of changes within DGL Practice Manager which have been implemented within a matter of days, making it a bespoke system for our business.

Vicki Spence,

Bradford Anaesthetic Services

Clanwilliam Health Products Review

At Professional Medical Management Service we use DGL Practice Manager as the foundation for everything we do. I find DGL Practice Manager easy to use, and more importantly easy to explain. I have 25+ staff who work with us using all aspects of DGL Practice Manager. New starters can be up and running in all aspects of the database within a very short time of joining the business. Of course one of the great aspects of DGL Practice Manager that the fundamentals are easy, there is a wealth of functionality lying beneath the service.

Adrian Summerson

Professional Medical Management Services