Clanwilliam supports technology goals of care homes in Northern Ireland with digital transformation event

08 Mar

Clanwilliam supports technology goals of care homes in Northern Ireland with digital transformation event

Clanwilliam, the Irish-headquartered global healthcare technology group, met with over 70 care home managers and healthcare professionals last week at its event dedicated to unlocking the potential of digital transformation in Northern Ireland’s care home sector.

Delivered in partnership with Microsoft and the IHCP (Independent Health and Care Providers), the event ‘The Paperless Care Home’ focused on the impact of technology in care home settings, from effective bed management and medication and care monitoring, to patient engagement and improved feedback and communication loops.

Clanwilliam’s Epic Care, a cloud-based care home management software, took centre stage for the morning as long-time Epic Care customer Eddy Kerr, Hutchinson Care Homes and Shane Williamson, Clanwilliam Business Development Manager, discussed the positive impact of electronic patient records in care home settings – covering everything from safety to accessibility.

Pauline Shepherd (IHCP) gave participants important context on the wider aged care market in Northern Ireland and the crucial role it continues to play in the healthcare system.

Event partners, Microsoft, demonstrated the role devices such as the Microsoft Surface are playing in healthcare settings to support more agile and effective care delivery – and how they can be utilised specifically in aged care settings in conjunction with the Epic Care system.

Attendees also heard from ResHub, a resident experience platform, as they discussed the value that digital technologies can add for residents and their families; and patient feedback software, Doctify, showed the power of reviews and feedback in healthcare settings.

Eileen Byrne, Managing Director at Clanwilliam said: “We are delighted to have been able to host this invaluable event alongside Microsoft and the IHCP, providing crucial information and an opportunity to share ideas for the care home sector in Northern Ireland.”

“With over 25 years in the industry, we know what a central role technology can play in supporting better, safer, and more effective patient care across the healthcare market.

“There is a great deal of digital transformation opportunity within care homes to continue to support the excellent care they deliver, and we’re delighted to help provide platforms for this conversation.”

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