Health One User Guides

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Billink Online Remote Payment Functionality Guides

Billink User Guide

Billink FAQs

Video – Billink Overview & Demonstration (opens in new tab)

Guide to Billing in Health One

Covid Functionality Guides

Guide to Covid Boosters in Health One 

Video – Guide to Covid Boosters in Health One (opens in new tab)

How to administer and submit a vaccine electronically in Heath One

Guide to PPS Numbers for GMS Patients 

Quick Guide to Flagging Covid Patients

Quick Guide to Covid Analysis

Covid FAQs

Video – Covid Vaccination Functionality Overview (opens in new tab)

Video – Vaccination Reporting (opens in new tab)

Video – Covid Disease Flag (opens in new tab)

Video – Covid Vaccine Snippets (opens in new tab)

Release Notes

Health One Release Notes for Version 8.8.3 (July 2021)

Health One Release Notes for Version 8.7.4 (August 2020)

Health One Release Notes for Version 8.7.3 (July 2020)

Health One Release Notes for version 8.7.1 (March 2020)

Health One 8.7.0 New Features

Health One 8.6.1 New Features

Health One 8.6.0 New Features

Health One 8.5.2 New Features

Quick Guides

PCRS Checker Quick Guide

CDM Quick Guide

CDM Phone Review

Quick Guide to COVID-19 based functionality in Health One

Emailing Prescriptions & Healthmail Changes

View Your Healthmail Inbox in Health One

Configuring Emails & Video Consultations in Health One

Health One eScript Quick Guide

How to add a signature to a template in Health One

STC Claims 

Message in Appointment if GMS is Invalid

Consultation Rate Cube Analysis

Scanning Read Flag

Internal Messaging & Miscellaneous

Healthlink eRefferals

Email Attachments

Sending a Referral Letter by Healthmail

Send Patient File (HCR) by Healthmail

Screen Saver

Password Management

IPCRN Decide Study

Text Messaging

Spell Checker Functionality

PCRS Parser

Live Template

Lab Request Management

Under Six Asthma Patients


Diabetes Cycle of Care

Chronic Disease Management (CDM)

Health One CDM User Guide

Health One CDM FAQs

Social Welfare eCerts

Health One Social Welfare eCerts Quick Guide

Health One – Illness Certification and Submission Guide

Illness Certification

Videos & Webinars

Click here to view a range of tutorial videos and webinars that are designed to help you get the most from your Health One system. (Link opens in a new tab).